DSCN7655Russ retired in 2006 (I’m still to young to retire officially), we bought a caravan, tinny and 4WD, rented out the house and off we went round Australia for 3 1/2 years. I blogged for all those 3 1/2 years then quit when we moved back home. I blogged that first one in two parts as it seemed to get slow once it got large. I had another go at blogging on another trip too. Here are links to all three.

Jan and Russ Around Australia
Jan and Russ Around Australia ii

I started this current blog when we left home on April 20th 2013 to travel through Aus including a visit to the Gulf of Carpentaria for the first time. That was supposed to be a 6 month trip but things change. Our good neighbours and friends decided to sell up and build a house, so we offered them our place and as of December 2014 they are still living in our house, renting it, and we are still travelling, filling in the gaps we missed on the first trip, and revisiting our favourite places.

Russ and I have a son in Ghana, a son and a grandson in Western Australia, and three sons and two grandsons in Victoria, so it seems to make sense to travel between them. We’re on to our second caravan, but the tinny and Nissan Navara just keep on going……

We met through a mutual love of food and wine and still share that love 20 years later. It was great to discover too that we both loved to travel, fish and hunt out interesting food and food bargains. Nothing makes us happier than to see a sign on the road side saying “home grown vegetables for sale”! We’ve turned out to be quite successful fishers, crabbers, squidders and yabbiers and think our tinny has more than paid for itself in seafood and enjoyment.

Our caravan has a domestic freezer built in, we carry a vacuum sealer, and move the whole pantry contents from home into it for our long trips.  I remember someone saying to me once that we must eat lots of barbecues as we travel! No, we eat exactly like we do at home. I don’t have my cookbooks with me, but I have the internet which I think is almost better. As I’d blogged so many places we’ve visited, I decided this blog should be more about the food we catch, swap, buy on the side of the road, or at farmer’s markets. I thought including the recipes I make with those ingredients would be fun too. Along the way I upgraded my camera (from a Nikon P510 to a Nikon D7100) so I’ve been enjoying taking photos too.


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    1. janandrussroundoz Post author

      Hi Jeanette (actually my name too!) if you look to the right under the tiny thumbnails of some of my current followers, you’ll see a “follow” button a few centimertes below it/. Just hit it and you’ll be signed up. I’ve been a bit slow blogging lately due to family issues but I will get back into it. Hope you enjoy the older stuff. Cheers from Jan.


  1. jeanettev2014

    Thank you Jan/Jeanette I see it. I am sorry as I am getting old but wish to follow. Love the pictures & Russ catching dinner. Wish I could go fishing with you. Thank you again for your response.



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