End of the holiday

Yorkshire Moors

Yorkshire Moors

Our 10 week and 4 day holiday of the UK and Switzerland is almost over. Just two more nights, before we fly back to Perth.

With a change in our plans to visit Wales before we left to go back, we decided to visit one of the areas we’d driven through a couple of times but not really explored.

We tried to book a cottage, but had trouble paying as we had next to no chance to get onto the internet on the boat. In the end, we chose another cottage whose owner made the payment process so much easier. We booked it Friday at about 11 am and arrived at about 4 pm and collected the keys.

I didn’t research this place-just trusted the woman when she said it was really nice. As we drove there, I said to Russ I hoped it had wi-fi, a wood fire, a comfy bed and decent pillows and a separate shower. Not only did it have the lot, the fire was lit and we’d been left fresh home-baked scones, jam, butter and laundry detergent to do a load of washing.  All this and 70 pounds cheaper than the other place I’d tried to book. Because it sleeps 6, it’s super spacious with big rooms and well equipped full kitchen.

The MoorsThe cottage is on the outskirts of a  really pretty town called Matlock which is on the border of the Peak District and right by the Yorkshire moors and dales. We’ve spent our 3 days here travelling up and down dales, across moors and around the Peaks. It’s quite heavily populated, but so, so beautiful. The area was the centre of the industrial revolution so there are lots of old factories, remains of lead and coal mines too apparently,although maybe they were underground as I haven’t really noticed them. Along with the factories and mines come the rows of workers houses in all the villages and towns.

Little Castle Bolsover Castle

Little Castle Bolsover Castle

As well as quite a lot of driving in the area, we managed to visit a couple of Castles (Bolsover and Peveril), a big car boot sale and the Masson Cotton Mill museum over our three day sale. Bolsover was great, Peveril was up such a huge steep hill we gave up and sat and just enjoyed the views. The cotton mill museum was interesting as we made it in time to see several of the machines working.

Masson Cotton Mill

Masson Cotton Mill

What a great holiday we’ve had. My good friend Deb asked me what was the best bit. After thinking about it, I think the whole trip was better than we expected and there was very little in the end to complain about.

I won’t miss 6 foot wide roads and the 127 million people that seem to use them, stairs, crappy pillows, toilets that have to decide if they’re going to flush, hand held showers over baths, dogs (or their leftover smells) in restaurants, cafes, apartments, cottages, boats and in national parks.

I will miss our friends, our little car, amazing scenery, history everywhere and fantastic supermarkets.

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