Garden Cottage Trefeglwys

Garden Cottage Trefeglwys

After a 23 hour flight, the 4 of us arrived in Manchester. I have to say, Harry was amazing to fly with. He really didn’t sleep much, but remained cheerful most of the way. Deb on the other hand…..

Our first 5 nights were spent in Manchester with our daughter-in-law Deb and Grandson Harry at Deb’s parents Pauline and Phil’s place. It was great to catch up with them at home instead of in Perth where we normally get together. The 5 days allowed us to recover from the long flight and get our bearings before picking up our hire car on the Thursday and heading to Wales on the Friday. We overnighted on the way there at a B&B in the town of Much Wenlock.



I booked us a cottage in a very rural part of north Wales. It (the cottage) was between two tiny villages with unpronounceable names along a narrow hedged road, up a hill. It was beautiful-really well well equipped, and really well priced at 50 pounds a night. It’s the cottage all others will be judged by I think.

On the way to the cottage, we gave our English Heritage membership a good hiding visiting the Wroxter Roman Village, Wenlock Priory, Buildwas Abbey and The Iron Bridge. From the cottage, we visited the Welsh coast at Aberystwyth and Aberdovey/Fairbourne on two different days, Stokesay Castle and the Llyn Clywedog Reservoir and it’s lead mine ruins.

Llyn Clywedog Reservoir

Llyn Clywedog Reservoir

I was really sad to leave the cottage but it was lovely to spend a night back in Manchester with our family before heading to Filey on the East coast by Scarborough.

Road side stall

Road side stall

In the three weeks we’ve been here, we’ve eaten the odd lunch and even odder dinner out. It was always our plan to shop and cook for ourselves. As we’ve driven around, we’ve occasionally passed a roadside stall selling fresh veg or free range eggs, but have usually had some other driver up our behind and not been able to stop however, we’ve managed to buy some lovely veg and eggs a couple of times.

We have been loving the huge supermarkets with their amazing variety of food at really reasonable prices compared to home. We’ve tried to buy British wherever possible and have so far been really happy with the quality.

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