Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the UK we go

Last time fishing off Eagle Bluff Shark Bay WA

Last time fishing off Eagle Bluff Shark Bay WA

I’ve waited weeks and weeks to be able to say this-next Sunday, we fly to the UK with our DIL Deborah Sessions and grandson Harry for a 10 week holiday.

We’re off to Wales, Scotland, the Lakes, Peaks, Dales, Broads, Switzerland, we’ve hired a car, we’re English Heritage members, we’re staying with family and friends, we’re staying by lochs, in remote farm houses, we’ve hired a houseboat, we’re going to a wedding, we have tickets to the Balmoral races-we have lots of free time too. It should be amazing!

On Tuesday, we leave Denham after a fantastic 5 week stay. We’re planning to free camp on the side of the road for two nights in a couple of places we’ve sussed out before, then it’s two nights at the farm (New Norcia) with Pam and Carson and the kids so we can pack and clean the van to leave it stored there.

Saturday it’s into Perth where we’ll do a bit of shopping, I’ll get my hair cut and coloured, go out for dinner with DIL Leah, then Sunday we fly!

I was going to take a rest from blogging, but as Russ pointed out, we’ve taken self catering accommodation so we can cook, and we’ll be hunting out markets, farm shops and farm gates to buy interesting produce, so I may as well keep blogging. Besides, I need somewhere to share the million photos I’m sure to take.

Our boat ramp Eagle Bluff Beach Shark Bay WA

Our boat ramp Eagle Bluff Beach Shark Bay WA

Yesterday, we went fishing at Eagle Bluff for what will be the last time for about 3 months (I reckon we’ll be in Streaky Bay SA before the boat goes into the water again). I’m sad to see the end of our fishing and crabbing, but we have about 30kg of beautifully packed fillets and picked crab meat in the freezer so that’s good!
Eagle Bluff Shark Bay WA

Eagle Bluff Shark Bay WA

Last night, we went to the NAIDOC cook up here in town. It’s a dinner put on by the local Aboriginals with stuff like turtle, roo, wild goat and mullet on the menu. I reckon they fed well over two hundred of us so it was an amazing effort. Mary G, an aboriginal comedian kept us entertained for about 3 hours. It was a fantastic night that I hope we get to next time we’re here.


One thought on “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the UK we go

  1. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

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    To be honest usually it is people in the UK getting very excited to be off to exotic locations and extended stays in the rest of the world. So lovely to read that there is huge excitement about a 10 week trip to our neck of the woods. I say ‘our’ since it is my home and soon will be again. We all feel patriotic and proud when someone else recognises the attractions of our place of birth.

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