Nice camels-shame about the owner!

Old Pony Club  sign

Old Pony Club sign

Yesterday we decided we’d drive out a along the Old Monkey Mia Road which took us via a gate (not padlocked, and no signs apart from an ancient Pony Club one) past Henk The Jerk and his camels, some horses belonging to a local who owns a block out there and through the Town Common.

We were just through the gate and on our way when Henk and maybe 7 of his camels came into view-we slowed right down and he waved us over demanding to know who we were and why we were there. I gave him all that info, then the little liar told us we couldn’t go on, it was a common for people who owned the animals and not for the likes of us to go “just driving around on”. I said I thought the common was “for all” but he said “no just for animal owners” and that we better turn around “and go back”!

So we did.

But I called the shire offices this morning and a lovely, friendly (truthful) person assured me it is a public road and the Common is for the enjoyment of all. Liar, liar pants on fire Henk.

It happens we launch our boat at Monkey Mia right by where the camel rides leave from, so this morning, I had great pleasure in walking up to him and several customers to explain how my call went to the shire and to tell him to expect us driving by really soon.He spluttered something to his customers about not wanting people out on the Common trying to ride his camels.

Should anyone want to go visit the Common, drive down Stella Rowley Drive right to the end (near the wind towers) go straight across the bitumen and onto the dirt road ahead. Travel a couple of hundred metres, then go on through the gate with the pony club sign. Don’t forget to tell Henk Jan sent you!


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