Back in Perth

Hawker's Market Perth

We’ve been back in Perth since early March and what a busy time it’s been.

In the past three weeks, we’ve been out to a Lebanese restaurant for Russ’s birthday, The Hawker’s Food Market in Perth’s CBD twice, yum cha, our local farmer’s market and taken a trip to the farm in New Norcia (to visit our caravan) with a stop at Bindoon Bakery on the way. We’ve BBQed and baby sat, we’ve seen our doctors and the optometrist, reserved powered sites at Coral Bay and Denham caravan parks for May, June and July but most exciting was booking a trip to the UK in August.

The Lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park was really good-we had a banquet for 5 and were given way too much yummy food to eat between 5. The staff very kindly packaged it up and Russ and I finished for our lunch the next day. I especiallyloved the smoky baba ganoush, light falafels and a really yummy cauliflower dish. The tabbouleh was nearly as good as my Uncle John used to make

Burning off at Monte Casino

Burning off at Monte Casino

Our trip to the farm was fun as usual but we went along with DIL deb and grandson Harry this time for a change. With it being the start of the burn off season, we all piled into the farm vehicles at sunset and headed up the paddock to watch a couple of enormous fires. The boss, his wife and son, the new Estonian farm hand, and all us had a great time. After the kids had exhausted themselves running around in the dirt, and we women had shared a bottle of wine-we went home for a dinner of beef and kangaroo cottage pie cooked by Pam. They shot and minced their own roo which was a first for me and the pumpkin in the mash was home grown!

Before Christmas, I read about the Hawker’s Market and wanted to go but something stopped us. I wasn’t missing out when Jo suggested they pick us up and we go a couple of weeks ago. I’d guess there is about 50 stalls serving food from all parts of the world although Asian and Spanish seem to be more common than anything else. We drove in the first time, but left our cars at a local railway station and trained in last Friday. Most popular dish last week for the four of us was the Spanish Quesidillas-so spicy and good! I really (really) enjoy the fact the markets are just about food; no overpriced olive oils, sauces and condiments, honey or soap. Just food. We’ve generally shared an entree type dish, had a main each (tasting each others of course) and finished with a hand made icy pole. That’s cost us about $44-not super cheap but cheaper than travelling to each country!

Russ and Jo check out the quesadillas

Russ and Jo check out the quesadillas

On May 11th we will leave Perth for Coral Bay where we’ve booked for three weeks, after our stay there we have about a week to get back to Denham where we’ll spend a month. We didn’t get there last year, so Russ is pretty keen to get out to Monkey Mia and try for some crabs. We haven’t eaten crab in so long!

Cousins Lewis and Harry at the farm

Cousins Lewis and Harry at the farm

And finally (like I said the most exciting thing at present), we’ve booked our flights to the UK. We’ll be flying with DIL Deb to give her a hand with baby Harry as she flies home for the first time in years to see family and go to the wedding party of her good friend Iona. Russ and I plan to hire a car and see as much as we can in 9 weeks staying in cottages and apartments so we can shop and cook as we go. We’ve got a number of friends and family we want to catch up with and different family members will be holidaying with us at different times. I really can’t wait but I’m putting it out of my mind for now (haha). We are hoping to slip a trip in to Switzerland but will have to see how that fits in with other plans.

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