Still Here

It’s been an extra long time between blog entries this time, so I thought I better do a very quick catch up.

We came home from our holiday in Bali on the 16th of January, spent 2 weeks in Perth, then flew home to Victoria and Traralgon where we are now. Both of us agreed that , even after the shaky start to it, our holiday in Bali was one of the best we have had there.

After 5 days in a lovely Motel (Connells on the Princes Highway Traralgon), we moved into son Daniels’ house. It’s our plan to be here until about the end of Feb when we will fly back to Perth, spend a month or two more there, then head home to Victoria with the van travelling up the Western Australian coast, across and into Darwin, then over to the Queensland coast and finally back here to Traralgon sometime in August.

Our time in Traralgon has been great, as Dan was home for an extra long time after his girlfriend Chelsea broke her leg. He’s pretty much been her carer for the first three weeks as she learned to dress and shower herself etc. Son Mick moved out of his place in Melbourne, so he was here to sometimes having to sleep on the floor depending on who was home. He and his brother actually shared a room (like they did as little boys) one night. Then of course, we have had lots and lots of visits with our grandsons. Its nice to have them over night or just pop in on their way too and from school and kinda to just say a quick “Hi”.

We’ve spent time with friends and my siter and her husband and tomorrow are off on a 5 day road trip to the other side of the state to see more family and friends. Then it’s back here to continue what we’ve been doing for the rest of the month.

We’ll be back fishing and cooking in our van in a couple of months but I’ll pop in here again to keep in touch.


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