Last day in Walpole

Wall in the wilderness

Wall in the wilderness

After almost 5 weeks, today is our last day in Walpole. What a great time we’ve had with Janette and David here with us for the first week and a couple of trips into Perth in the 5 weeks. We haven’t caught as many fish as we’d have wished (or expected) but the few crabs we got were a totally unexpected bonus.

It’s been a really relaxing time and we’ve spent a lot of the non-fishing times sight seeing, hunting out places we’d never been before and enjoying the surprising numbers of wild flowers still blooming in the cooler weather down here. We also got back out to the Swarbrick Art Loop 8 ks out of town and I’ve included some photos of it in the slide show below. It hasn’t changed in all the years we’ve been going out there so to my mind, it’s getting very tired. I still love the big reflective wall though and the messages etched into it. The captions on the photos of the art works are the artists, not mine. Mandalay beach was one of the places we’d never been and we both thought it was stunning. Check out the photos of it I’ve included too.

Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Beach

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon fishing for the last time. Not only the last time, but probably for a very long time as we head back to Perth and then over to Victoria in about a month. It seemed like every species of fish turned up to see us off as we caught almost everything in one afternoon that we’d caught in 5 weeks. We finally came home with 4 Tommy Ruff, a salmon, 2 flathead and 2 crabs. I pickled the Tommies and salmon, then we froze the flathead and crab meat. I think I’ll make a crab and artichoke dip over Christmas so everyone gets a little taste.

I caught this Western Shovel Nosed Ray on my line

I caught this Western Shovel Nosed Ray on my line

We’ve been making a concerted effort to clean out the freezer a bit so we can fit back in the fish we already have (currently sitting in Todd and Deb’s and Leah and Blair’s freezers in Perth) for the trip home. This week, we’ve had some lovely meals using the rump steak (a 6kg whole one) we bought here in Walpole, rabbits from the farm at New Norcia and various stocks and soups I’d made and frozen earlier. I also turned a heap of red onions into red onion and chilli marmalade.

Today the boat will be cleaned out and rolled onto the roof of the ute and the trailer broken down and bolted to the back of the van. The boat motor, fuel tank and all the gear will be stowed in the tub of the ute. Tomorrow we’ll spend the night in Pinjarra, then on Saturday drop off as much stuff as we can in Blair and Leah’s garage before taking the van on to Pam and Carson at the farm at New Norcia. The van will wait there for us until we’re ready to head home to Victoria sometime in January.

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    1. janandrussroundoz Post author

      Thanks awalde-I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Now we are off into Perth to spend Christmas and New year with our family there. One of our son’s and his partner might go to live in Ghana next year so we want to spend all the time we can with them.



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