Harry James Sessions 26.10.2013

Baby Harry 24 hours old

Baby Harry 24 hours old

After a long and often painful 47 hours, Harry finally arrived around 3.30 pm on Saturday October 26th. He was a healthy 8lb 9ozs with a big head of hair, a big set of lungs and ready to feed (just like his mum Deb).

Deb has had a dream pregnancy-no morning sickness, no real aches and pains or moans and groans. She worked up until four weeks before Harry arrived, then walked around 5 ks every day in that time. When her contractions started on Thursday 24th (after a spot of gardening with Russ and me) we thought it would be all over pretty quickly with Harry arriving on his due date of the 25th. But it wasn’t to be, and poor girl endured 47 hours of contractions and labour, being sent home from the hospital to “rest” somewhere in the middle of it all.

Not to worry, she and Todd now have the most beautiful baby boy, and we have our third gorgeous grandson and 4th grandchild (as our former host daughter Tomoko pointed out to me). So Harry comes into the world with quite a few cousins and second cousins on all sides of his family.

In the week leading up to the birth, we spent a bit of time with Deb taking walks, shopping and gardening and generally just keeping her company while Todd worked. It’s been a really special time for us and we were so glad we were here to share it.

We also managed to get up to the farm and get our caravan which was to go into storage in a yard here in Perth on Friday. True to our luck, no one was at the yard Friday, so after cutting down a couple of branches so it’d fit, it’s now sitting on Todd and Deb’s front verge (or nature strip to you easterners).

Perth CBD

Perth CBD

While Deb was labouring away Saturday, we took a walk around the city centre, through it’s parks, arcades and streets, stopping for Indian for lunch. It was a perfect day to enjoy the CBD and a good way to take our minds off the impending birth.

We visited Harry and his family on Saturday night when he was about 3 hours old and again yesterday when he was about 24 hours old. He’s just perfect, and once his parents give the OK, I’ll post some photos to prove it!

Last night, exhausted after quite an emotional few days, we relaxed with a bottle of wine and a lovely dinner made to a recipe from my dear friend awalde in Switzerland. It’s from her blog and you’ll find it here:

Awalde's Mexican Beef Stew

Awalde’s Mexican Beef Stew

I used Monte Casino lamb in place of beef but I’m sure they have lambs and goats in Mexico so I don’t feel too bad using it instead.

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3 thoughts on “Harry James Sessions 26.10.2013

  1. artandkitchen

    Congratulations to all of you on the safe arrival of your new and healthy grandchild!
    I love the photo of the small cute hand!
    Thanks a lot for trying the ricipe I posted, I feel really honoured.



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