Walking the week away

Roses in bloom outside Blair and Leah's

Roses in bloom outside Blair and Leah’s

Russ and I have been doing quite a bit of walking around Mt Hawthorn over the past week, up streets, down back alleys, extending our walks to the local supermarket, and exploring places we’ve never been.

Both of us saw the doctor on different days last week to have our moles and spots checked and both came away with a good report, which is great considering how much time we’ve spent outdoors fishing over the last 8 years. Seems those hats, sunglasses and sunscreen have done the trick (so far). I had my regular blood test a couple of weeks ago and came away with a good report on that too.

We visited DIL Deb Thursday to make sure she was still in one piece (and she is) and going OK in the final week of her pregnancy. Friday, after shopping for some new, tidy, “going out” clothes for Russ, we walked around Lake Monger.

Lake Monger is just 5kms from CBD and a very pretty, popular spot for walkers, joggers, bike riders and picnickers. It’s an easy 3.5 km walk with playgrounds, exercise equipment, BBQs and toilets along the way. We saw lots of bird life and quite a few long necked tortoises sunning themselves on the banks. In the very early days, it had a jetty and bathing houses and was popular for swimming and sailing.

Black swans the emblem of Perth

Black swans the emblem of Perth

As a surprise for Blair for his 40th, Leah took him, Russ and me to Restaurant Amuse on Friday night. Tripadvisor currently ranks it at #3 of Perth’s restaurants and it certainly deserves it.


It was an amazing experience-especially for Russ and I who really could never afford to go to such a great place. We had a nine course degustation meal (plus several bonus “courses” of canapés, amuse busche, palate cleanser and a pre dessert) with matched wines, beer or cider depending on the flavours in the dish. I especially loved the smoked egg with baby peas and a parmesan sauce, the baby squid and white asparagus with an oyster emulsion, and the seared marron with apple and balsamic.

Saturday we lazed around the house, took Blair and Leah to an 80th birthday, the ate leftovers of a lamb and rosemary pie I’d made us Thursday night. Lovely Monte Casino lamb neck chops, mushrooms and rosemary in individual dishes topped with puff pastry made for a yummy dinner on both nights. Once gain we had Jamie Oliver’s potato, pea, broccoli, and mint sauce mash.

Yesterday we met Todd and Deb in Northbridge around 1pm for yum cha. Northbridge is fantastic for its food Vietnamese, yum cha, Chinese style roasts, Asian supermarkets, Continental delis & stores, great cafes and restaurants, retail shops, plus the Art Gallery of WA, WA Museum, State Library and Heath Ledger Theatre.

Northbridge is a must-do for Sunday breakfast or brunch, and an early dinner out is fine, but after 10 pm it just gets a bit seedy with the drunk, drugged, homeless and angry seeming to take over the place. For all that, it’s still one of my favourite places in Perth.

Horses in Northbridge

Horses in Northbridge

Last night Blair and Leah cooked us a roast leg of lamb which was so good (even after yum cha in Northbridge followed by coffee and cake at Imp in Vic Park!). This morning, Blair has flown to Tasmania for work, Leah will join him there Wednesday leaving us and cat Cosmo home alone for about 10 days.

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