Another 10 days slides right on by!

An awesome present for the man who has everything

An awesome present for the man who has everything

We’re often asked how we spend our days here in Perth when we don’t have the boat to fish. It seems to me that the days just slide right on by at a fearsome pace as we are always busy doing something.

Our original travel plan was to spend Blair’s 40th birthday with him, then head off home. The birthday party has been and gone, Blair’s actual birthday was yesterday, and we’re still here for around 3 more months. A new baby Sessions due on October 25th put paid to our original plans as we decided to wait here for the birth, after that it seemed too close to Christmas (and then New Year) to race home, so we’ll make our way back across the Nullarbor in early January.

We’ve spent the last 10 days cooking and shopping as usual, eating Cambodian at Tamarind-one of our favourite restaurants here in Perth and around 300 metres away, and having fantastic tapas at The Cabin which is an easy 100 metre walk away.

A scan, yum cha then coffee and cake. any wonder she has a big tummy!

A scan, yum cha then coffee and cake. any wonder she has a big tummy!

Last Wednesday, I had the joy of going along with DIL Deb for one of her last scans before the baby is born. I didn’t see a lot in the scan as baby is around 8lbs now and filling all the space in Debs tummy but I did see an arm across a face, an eye, spine and the heart beating. Not long now and we’ll meet baby in the flesh. After the scan, we went to a Vic Park restaurant for yum cha, then on to a café for coffee and cake. It was a lovely day out.

Russ and I found time earlier in the week to get to the farm at New Norcia and visit Pam and Carson and the kids and pick up some stuff from the van we forgot to bring with us. We’ve also taken to walking around the lanes behind all the old houses here in the suburb. They give a really different view of the houses with various fruit trees hanging over the old fences, neglected gardens, brick dunnies and graffiti over garages and fences.

Out in the back lane

Out in the back lane

Blair’s birthday party on Saturday just gone was a great night with around 60 people enjoying wood fired pizza in the newly renovated (just finished) back yard. Russ and I made the birthday cake-a chocolate and raspberry mousse affair, and a pizza company came along with the oven on a trailer and fed us all an amazing variety and amount of pizzas. The cake recipe is on and by my friend Irmgard. I can highly recommend it if you’re looking for a celebration cake.

Last night being Blair’s actual birthday, we had a BBQ of butterflied turkey breast, standing rib roast, crushed potatoes and a couple of salads and Blair’s favourite lemon cheesecake. I made it yesterday morning.

This morning Russ visited the doctor to have his moles and spots check and came away with a clean bill of health. I have my check up for the same on Friday.

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