This week in Perth

50 yo Holden ute celebrating the 50th Kings Park Festival

50 yo Holden ute celebrating the 50th Kings Park Festival

Blair arrived home Sunday from his days away at the AFL grand final, and Leah from a visit to friends in Sydney on Monday. We cooked Blair a roast of beef Sunday night, then decided on take away fish and chops Monday night.

Blair had to fly out to a mine site Tuesday night so I cooked the three of us left at home an asparagus and prosciutto pasta dish I found on a blog I follow. Asparagus is right in season here at the moment so is fresh, plump and delicious (a bit like me). The sauce was excellent so I’m posting a link to it Pasta With Asparagus & Ham.

I pretty much made it as written but did use prosciutto, and sautéed the asparagus (which I cut a bit longer) in the fat rendered from the prosciutto.

Fringe Lily

Fringe Lily

On Wednesday, Russ and I headed to Kings Park here in Perth. It’s a 1000 acre wonderland of nature in the middle of the city, and not to be missed if you ever get the chance to visit here. With it being the middle of spring now, the wild flowers are out in full force and a photographers dream. I managed to take over 300 photos during our 5 hour visit. The park is beautifully maintained with concrete and bush tracks throughout it, great swathes of green lawn, fountains, lookouts for spectacular views of the city and Swan and Canning rivers below, restaurants, cafes and plenty of parking throughout. We finished our day in the park at Botanical Café where we met our DIL Deb for coffee and cake. 5 hours only gave us a small look at the park, so we’ll be going back soon to see some more.
Flowering Gum

Flowering Gum

Wednesday night, we cooked Leah and Blair and Asian style dinner of our favourite caramelised pork belly, Vietnamese stuffed squid and an Asian coleslaw (you’ll find those recipes here on previous blogs). It was a great dinner (if the cook can’t say so herself!). We bought stall free, sow meat from Coles for the pork belly and I have to say it’s the best we have used for the dish-give it a try if you get the chance. It was relatively low fat and absolutely melt in the mouth.

Thursday (yesterday) morning was beautiful so we went for a walk along North Floreat beach. It was nice to see lots out enjoying the day and even a few hardy souls braving the water-I’m convinced they must have been Tasmanians on

North Floreat Beach

North Floreat Beach

holiday as no local would go in the water yet I’m sure.

Last night Russ and I and Blair and Leah, walked to local restaurant Dividos’ for their Balkan night. It was apparently a recreation of the feast of St Andrew of Constantinople. The four of us shared a really homely meal of entrees, mains and desserts. I especially loved the entrees of stuffed pickled cabbage rolls, feta and mint pastries and pumpkin pastries, mains of roasted baby lamb, macaroni cheese, and a moussaka of rabbit and eggplant. We had heaps more dishes, but they were my favourites. Dessert was so so. We had some lovely Spanish and French wines and dessert wines to go along with it all to. It was a wonderful night.

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