Goodbye Coral Bay



After almost 6 weeks in Coral Bay, we left Friday morning. We were originally planning to shop quickly in Carnarvon around the plantations and at the supermarket, then push on and camp on the road. We’d then have two nights in Geraldton.

A sign on the road advertising the Carnarvon races put paid to our original plans and saw us booking into the Big 4 in town for two nights. 7 years ago we had a great day at the races, so didn’t intend to miss the chance to go again. We did our shopping on Friday afternoon after setting up, buying our usual box of tomatoes, herbs and rocket, eggplants, zucs, capsicums, cucs, lemons, avocados and bananas.

I heard a woman talking about making moussaka with her eggplant, so I wasn’t going to rest until I went home and made some too. It was delicious and so worth the bit of time and effort it takes to make it. Our big plump, shiny $1 eggplant was delicious in it as was the big handful of parsley thrown in to finish the mince mix.

A day at the races

A day at the races

The races on Saturday were so much fun. They started at 2.08pm and finished at 5.30 with only 6 races. A couple of races had only 5 horses running and a couple had full fields. I estimated there might be 400 people attending, and with a free bus to the course and back from our park, a $5 entry and pretty reasonable drinks prices, it was a cheap day out.

I backed the grey 10 degrees for a win

I backed the grey 10 degrees for a win

We managed to win enough to pay for our drinks. It was a called a “healthy meeting”, so there was no smoking on the track and they put out huge platters of fresh fruit at about 3pm. We got home around 6.30 and had a drink with a Victorian couple who’d moved in beside us. Russ cooked us a delicious (if late) dinner of roast rack of beef, rocket and avocado salad and crushed garlic potatoes.

Purple Flag native iris

Purple Flag native iris

Today we drove from Carnarvon through Geraldton and are overnighting at the S Bend Caravan park just south of Greenough. The wild flowers were a bit disappointing but we did find one pretty spot where we stopped to take a few photos. Lunch along the way was a lovely rare roast beef, rocket, avocado, tomato, red onion and cucumber wrap. It was only after we’d scoffed them down I realised I should have photographed them to show off the beautiful fresh produce that went into the making of them!

Tomorrow we have a short drive to New Norcia and Pam, Carson and the kids.

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