Some days in Paradise are more perfect than others

Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Saturday 4th was one of those days. Sunny, warm a slight breeze, and the clearest water you could imagine. We packed our lunch of leg ham, tomato and rocket rolls. The ham is a new one and it’s delicious, the tomatoes from Carnarvon ripe, red and delicious.

We fished for 4 hours and came home with 11 fish (8 Charlie Court cod, 2 red throat emperors, 1 golden trevally) some of which we gave to Jules (the friend of friends in Warrnambool), a few packets were frozen, and the trevally pickled.

It was a beautiful day out on the water and we were able to travel a lot further down the reef to fish at Sandy point. On windy days crossing the gap in the reef where the big boats go out to the ocean can be a bit rough and dangerous for us, but it was fine yesterday. I was surprised how well we did fishing, because on still days when the water is clear, the fish can see us and usually don’t bite as much.

Near Sandy Point

Near Sandy Point

Sunday night we had Jules (from Warrnambool, and friends with our friends Evelyn and Ray) over to dinner for her last night here. Jules brought over a great home made dukah, truffle oil and crusty bread, Russ and I cooked slow roasted pork belly, roasted and steamed veg, and a zucchini parmesan using heaps of those Carnarvon tomatoes in a fresh tomato sauce I’d made the day before. What a lovely dinner and what a lovely lady to share it with.

Monday was another perfect day, so after doing our laundry, pickling some fish and lunch, we walked over to the beach for a swim and snorkel. The water was a bit cool for my liking, but I’ve done it now, so I’ll find it easier to get in next time.

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