Port Smith Day 5

Alf and steve get ready to go fishing

Alf and steve get ready to go fishing

Russ and Steve took the boat out fishing. They left at around 11 and got back at 5pm-they had to stay out that long to get the boat back in with the tide. They had a pretty good day fishing wise with 6 bream, 1 jack and two trevally coming home in the fish box.Alf, Steve and Russ did OK.

Kathy and I spent a relaxing day chatting at her van whilst she sewed a raggy quilt. The sewing seemed to attract lots of droppers-in which was really nice too.

Thursday night is the camp dinner. Fish and chips for something completely different! 6 years ago it was held in another part of the park. They now have a permanent home for it down the back with a kitchen and 2 commercial deep fryers to cook with. 6 years ago they had an assortment of small bench top fryers and saucepans, so this new gear must make life so much easier when you’re cooking for around 150 people.

Steve and Kathy enjoying the park dinner

Steve and Kathy enjoying the park dinner

We sat in a semi circle with the kitchen and band making up the rest of the circle and the centre became a dance floor later in the night. The fish was fresh, and it and the chips were hot and crispy, but Russ and I got the meanest little bit of fish for our $5. 6 years ago, $5 got us 3 pieces and seconds were free. Seconds are now a “donation”.  I’d rather pay a bit more and get a more generous serve, and the fish apportioner needs to learn about portion control! Kathy made a tossed salad, and I made coleslaw so that part of the meal was generous and good!

Shoveller Family BandOnce again, the Family Shoveller Band came over from Bidyadanga community to play. Same father, son and grandson, all 6 years older and better we thought, musically! Father, Frances Shoveller was the music teacher at the community 6 years ago but he might be retired now. I’m not sure. Anyhow, they gave at least 4 hours of good entertainment.


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