Preying Mantis



I wasn’t going to mention the big preying mantis that had been hanging around our site( until today). He/she turned up a few days ago and let Russ pick it up, bring it inside to show me and me take as many photos as I liked. It spent time on our boat cover, on a tackle box under the awning, and walking over our outdoor chairs and table. When I was photographing it, it would reach for the zoom lens with it’s long spindly legs until it eventually lunged at the camera startling me, making me scream and making Russ laugh out loud! We were both quite fond of the big bug and took special care walking around outside the van in case it was about.

I walked out of our van this morning just in time to the man behind us swat something on the ground by his door with his thong (flip flop). When he swatted it again I though “it must be a big bug” and immediately “knew” what he was killing. He smashed it a few more times then picked it up by a long green leg and threw it on the grass between our vans.

I called out to Russ that the bastard behind us had killed the preying mantis and Russ was about to go have words with him when I said that it wasn’t worth it. But, I also said (loud enough to be heard) that if he was such a girl and couldn’t just pick it up and take it away he should have called me, and also that I now had proof that owners of Bushtrackers were in fact wankers (Bushtrackers being a very expensive, off road caravan owned by a group of people who have their own owners club).

Anyhow, it really spoiled the start to my morning. I just thought it was a senseless act.

We drove today to Halls Creek where we are spending the night in the caravan park. Tomorrow night we’ll get as close as we can to Broome then Free Camp and head into town as early as we can on Tuesday morning in the hope of getting a site, Broome caravan parks stop taking booking in June so it’s first in best dressed!


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3 thoughts on “Preying Mantis

  1. Joanne T Ferguson (@mickeydownunder)

    Sooooooooooooo sorry to hear about your praying mantis, true!
    In Asia, the praying mantis is considered to be lucky and a good omen too!
    You and Russ were lucky to have known him and I DO believe it IS a good omen….can you IMAGINE what the opposite of this is for killing one? lol lol lol
    GREAT photos too! Cheers! Joanne



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