Bitter Springs

Beautiful Bitter Springs

Beautiful Bitter Springs

It’s been a long time (well, 9 days) between blog updates.

We left Karumba on Tuesday 28th and drove to Cloncurry where we stayed for two nights so we could do a big shop and have a good look around the town. The Oasis Caravan Park was great and we really enjoyed their Happy Hour on the Wednesday night complete with the local Lions manning the sausage sizzle. As well as some much needed shopping we took a drive out to the very pretty Chinaman Creek Dam where I took heaps of photos. A walk around the Mary Kathleen Museum opposite the caravan park was good too.

Sign on  Camooweal Servo's wall

Sign on Camooweal Servo’s wall

On the Thursday, we spent the night in Camooweal near the QLD/NT border. We arrived early enough to unhitch the van and drive out to the Camooweal Caves. They are a couple of sink holes-one small and one large one-that are entrances into a huge underground cave system located below the Barkly Tablelands. There are apparently 80 known sink holes and another possible 70 across the tablelands. It was a great drive to the caves and national park.
There was a rodeo coming to town over the weekend and we were amazed to see the number of horses and cattle arriving for it. The early arrivers partied long into the night/early into the morning keeping all Camooweal awake with their country and western music played at full blast. We were also amazed at the size of an oversized load that spent the night in town-we counted 60 wheels under it!
From Camooweal we drove to Three Ways Roadhouse and spent the night ($24 PLUS $4 EACH for water).

Very Clever Mural on Three Ways Roadhouse wall

Very Clever Mural on Three Ways Roadhouse wall

Nasty water what’s more), and from there we went on to Daly Waters. We looked at the Highway Inn, drove into town and checked out the pub’s campground, then quickly drove back to the Inn. The Daly Water’s pub was jam packed with caravans and motorhomes-too tight for our liking. $24 at the Inn got us a good sized grassed site and a free pot of beer and glass of white wine in their pub, so we were pretty pleased with that. Their water was nice and came at no extra charge! I was pleased to have that part of the drive over-some of it is very flat and boring with just a few station homesteads and the Barkly Homestead Roadhouse to break the monotony.

On Sunday we drove 160ks to Mataranka then on out of town about 3ks to Bitter Springs.

This is our 4th visit to the springs and I still love it as much as the first time we ever saw it. It rates as one of our favourite places in Australia. I should add too, after passing the Black Stump, then going out the Back of Burke, we are now in the Never Never!

Enjoying the Springs

Enjoying the Springs

We stay at a caravan park 500 metres from the springs and walk down once or twice a day to spend around 2 hours swimming and snorkelling in the warm (34c), crystal clear water. The springs are surrounded by palms and water lilies grow along the edges. It’s a beautiful place. We originally booked and paid for 3 nights, but just extended that by another night today. One plus after the very dry wet season is the absence of mozzies this visit. The mozzies here are normally like small aeroplanes and bite all day, and well into the night, so to get here and find none is heaven. The weather is great too. Around 18c of a night 28-30 of a day and very little humidity. We took some time off from swimming this afternoon to visit Warloch ponds about 20ks out of town to take yet more photos.

Warloch Ponds

Warloch Ponds

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