Cobar SignWe arrived in Cobar on Friday afternoon and after being handed the usual tourist info at caravan park office, decided to stay 3 nights. About 10 years ago we drove through Cobar and I’ve always been keen to come back as my brother, and a couple of friends worked here on a gas pipe line years ago. To me it always seemed so remote and interesting.
We were also handed vouchers for a couple of drinks and discounts off our meals so decided to go to the bowling club for dinner. We don’t often go out so it made for a nice change. Our Chinese meal was cheap, fairly good (especially the duck dish) and quite generous. We lost a little bit on the pokies, didn’t win anything in the meat raffles but had a good night.

DSCN7880 Saturday we drove out 76ks (43ks on the seal, 33ks through several stations on dirt)to Mt Grenfell to view the Aboriginal Rock Art. While we reckon we have seen more amazing art work, it was a really peaceful, beautiful place that we had all to ourselves. rock art 1

We took along another picnic (well sausages to BBQ actually) and had another lovely lunch. I’d hoped to see either a big mob of emus or herd of goats to photograph to prove how many there are around here and was thrilled to come upon about 15 emus and 50 goats all grazing together!.Feral Goats and Emus We saw a couple of wild piglets and a few roos and lots of birds. We were home in time for me to make that ratatouille I’d been dreaming about so felt it was a fantastic day.

Today (Sunday) we planned an afternoon out at The Old Reservoir and Devil Rock. We’d done that in half and hour, so came home for some quiet time. I’ve made a bacon and egg pie (my mum’s recipe) for our dinner tomorrow night (we’ll eat the left over ratatouille with it) as we’ll be free camping somewhere along the road and I find it easier to have dinner done on those nights.

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