Beyond the Black Stump

Check out the lovely homemade stock

Check out the lovely homemade stock

As mentioned last night, we had a lovely chicken, roasted pumpkin and red onion risotto. We generally cook outside but the nights are too cold just yet so this was cooked inside on our gas cooktop. As we move north into warmer climates we’ll turn the gas off and use our portable oven and electric cooktop.


Most Australians would accept that somewhere “beyond the Black Stump” is somewhere beyond civilisation and where they live. I was interested to see how Merriwagga, which is touted as being the “real” Black Stump, measured up. Sadly it didn’t. According to local signs, it “may” have just been the Black Stump Swamp, Tank, or road by that name that gave it is claim to fame. The fenced farmland, good roads, school bus signs and close proximity to Griffith and the lovely little town of Hillston didn’t help it’s claim either, and there definately wasn’t a black stump to be seen!

No black Stump here

No Black Stump here

We visited Merriwagga today on the way to Cobar where we’ll spend the next three nights. Both of us were amazed at the number of emus and goats we saw-an all time record for both!

I hope the Back of Burke in a few days is more convincing!


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