We’re not the chicken pluckers…….

Our chicken processing worked well. Russ broke up and vacuum sealed two of the whole birds, we roasted the third and ate half for dinner alsong with a pumpkin, rocket and feta salad (pumpkin bought of the side of the road, rocket from our garden at home),and finally  made stock out of the carcasses.
We took the remaining half roasted bird for a picnic in the Cocoparra National Park. I can tell you it was much appreciated after a 1 1/2 hour walk through the Jack’s Creek Gorge and up and along the escarpment.Picnic at Cocoparra NP
Tonight we’ll use that wonderful home made stock, some of the pumpkin we bought, meat picked from the carcasses and rocket from the garden at home to make a risotto for our dinner. Then we might take a break from chicken for a few days.

Jacks Creek Gorge (2)The national park was quite beautiful, especially the walk we did along the creek. It’s amazing to see the range rise out of the very flat land surrounding it and we got some great views of the area. We chose to come home via the Forest Drive. It turned out to be more of a 4WD drive-something I think the national park should point out to owners of regular sedans! Not much wild life to be seen although a few big roos bounded across the road and we saw more feral goats than you’d like to see in a national park.Jacks Creek Gorge


One thought on “We’re not the chicken pluckers…….

  1. Cosmo

    This is delicious! Well done!

    If you love risotto, please have a look at these recipes of mine… I hope you like them? 🙂






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