It’s been a pleasant 24 hours in Griffith. I thought I’d driven through here at least but now I see the place, I know I haven’t so it’s new to both of us.
We set up yesterday and then visited De Bortoli wines. De Bortoli make our favourite cask wine (yes, we drink cask wine!) so a visit to them seemed a must do. They make some pretty impressive bottled wine as well as the cask stuff and we came away with quite a few. I couldn’t run to the Noble One dessert wine but bought a much more reasonably priced on that I know I’ll enjoy in the future. The winery driveway was being resurfaced so we had to drive right through the middle of the winery-it’s huge and made for a really interesting and unexpected “tour”.DSCN7594

This morning, we walked up and down the main street, a total of about 3 kilometres. It’s one of those lovely old main streets with every business along it (no modern malls here) and was busy with people doing their shopping or just sitting in one of the many cafes drinking coffee. The town has some lovely old art deco buildings and it was a lovely walk.DSCN7607

This afternoon, we went out to Steggles shop and bought ourselves 3 chickens which Russell is now breaking up ready to freeze. I’ll make stock with the carcasses when he’s finished. We also stopped at a couple of stalls and bought eggplant, capsicum, zuchinni (I’m dreaming of ratatouille now) and a couple of pumpkins so that stock will turn into pumpkin soup tomorrow.


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